TimeWasters' Fotoboek

TimeWasters in Las Vegas, February 2000

An early picture of the TimeWasters, taken in room HG 6.40 at the Eindhoven University of Technology. On it are, from left to right, Alph, Motto, Error, GigaWalt, Ace (sitting), PeeWee, Filuvio, Kroisos and Robb.

Official handover of the TimeWasters T-shirt to our first member of honour, Wietse Venema, in the room where it all started, HG 6.05. As you can see, the room was already doomed here.

Gambling and eating "bitterballen" at a PokerNight(tm) held at GigaWalt's place.

Here we see Rtfm, Wave, GigaWalt and Monty at the same PokerNight(tm)

GigaWalt (left) and Durkathlon (right) visiting Wietse. Behind him is the console of wzv.win.tue.nl.

TimeWasters' delegation at an IRC party. From left to right: Error, Tijgertje (not a TimeWaster), Misty, Fidelio and Mandelbro.

Prof. Franken, who led the group of people that made the Dutch computer crime law is wearing the TimeWasters T-shirt that comes with being a member of honour. Next to him are GigaWalt, Wave, Herny, Monty and Durkatlhon. This picture was taken in Leiden.

GigaWalt, Durkathlon, Wave's brother and Wave at one of Wave's parties.

The MNBD. 'Nuff said.

TURKS BAD (TimeWasters Ultraviolet Roosterende Kankerverwekkende Strand Bras Aanbak Dag). A day at the beach with GigaWalt, Ignotus, Motto and Error (sitting).

GigaWalt, Fidelio, Tommie and Filuvio (below) at the AOR, the students bar.

At the first Hack-Tic Beachparty. From left to right we see RowdyB, Martin(?), Noisetracker, (unknown) and Durkathlon (only Durkathlon being a TimeWasters).

Herny ordering shoarma at one of GigaWalt's parties.

KBBF (Kuiken Bouten Beesten Feest), where people ate chicken and played weird variants of chess all night at Rtfm's place. Clockwise we see Wave, Ignotus, Hoppie, Herny, Fidelio, ?, Motto.

TBBD (TimeWasters Bitterballen Bras Dag), eating as much bitterballen as you can (record: 50). From left to right: Filuvio, Monty, Tommie and Fidelio start to learn what "hot" means.

HEU (Hacking at the End of the Universe). We see the sign "watch out, hack!" with Herny, Tommie, Rtfm and Filuvio next to it.

HEU (Hacking at the End of the Universe), with from left to right Chris Goggans, Gonz, Herny, Wave, Fidelio and GigaWalt.

TOBIAS (TimeWasters Overal Brasbequen In Achtertuin Studentenhuis), a big barbecue, on of the biggest TimeWasters' events.

TOBIAS ritual SUN manual burning, with Tommie and Mostly Harmless.

PokerNight(tm) at Oscar's place, this is not a fake, there really was a lot of smoke!

Same PokerNight(tm), clockwise: Filuvio, Herny, Fidelio, Tommie, GigaWalt and Monty.

At the courthouse. Top: GigaWalt and Gonz. Bottom: Gregor, Misty, Herny, Monty, ?, Tommie.

At the courthouse. Huib, ?, ?, Fidelio, GigaWalt, ?, Misty, Wave, Monty, ?. Herny, Gregor, Wietse, ?, Rtfm, Gonz.

GigaWalt is selling T-shirts at the Access All Areas congres in London.

In an English pub in London after Access All Areas. From left to right: Tlaloco, Wave's brother, bartkeeper, GigaWalt and Wave.

A party at Erwin's place. From left to right: Mandelbro, Wave, Alph, Herny, GigaWalt, Fidelio and Tommie.

TimeWasters go London with Wave, Huib, Monty, GigaWalt and Fidelio.

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